Cordless Electric Steam Iron for clothes steam

Shinil Cordless Steam Iron
Cordless steam iron
No rope design, the bottom plate is made of ceramic glaze, high power steam, one machine two usages
You can use the cable or not use the cable.
The 2000W high power can be heated instantly, and the large steam can be released continuously.
The wrinkles can be removed without harming the clothes.
Electrode less temperature regulation is suitable for various fabrics.
No rope design, better solution to space problems affecting the use
Get rid of the trouble of the power cord, no rope design, no restrictions on the location and space of ironing,
you can separate the charging background seat, after the iron is heated,
unlock the lock button on the back, you can switch to the mode without rope, dry ironing can Keep steam for about two minutes,
freely iron at various angles, and even iron in a narrow space to easily remove wrinkles from your clothes.
*After using strong steam for 3 to 5 times, it will gradually weaken.
In order to have better steam effect, it is recommended to continue using it after heating is completed.
Made In South Korea?
1 Year Guaranty?

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