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Electric Massager U Shape Neck Pillow Massager Relaxation Relieve Fatigue Tension Neck Traction Support Pain Relie For Sleeping

1.Polyester fabric, delicate soft, good elasticity, do not fade. Easy to clean.

2.Our products are CE certification and ROHS certificate. Quality is guaranteed. Care of your health.

3.Pillows filled with environmentally friendly synthetic foam particle, particle diameter of about 0.5MM child. Particles in the pillow with mobility. Can be squeezed, rebound effect is good.

4.Built-in vibration motor, through a strong back and forth vibration, to massage your neck, relieve pain in your neck.

5.Easy to use, can be at home office, driving travel can be used.

6.Powered by dry cell batteries, safe and effective massage. It is not rechargeable.

7.Battery box: use invisible design. 2pc on the 5th dry battery. (We do not provide battery)


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