Grill Pan 40cm Double Sided

Double Sided Grill Pan:

Material: Non-Stick.

Size: 40cm

1. Apply the principle of the pressure cooker, so that the food can be completely sealed and cooked. The nourishment of the food will not be lost, and the original flavor will be healthier and more delicious.

2 . A unique silicon – oxygen sealing ring and a 4000 – Gauss magnetic lock device are provided , so that the food can be prevented from leaking when cooking , and the safe and comfortable cooking state can be achieved .

3. the inner layer of the body is made of diamond penetration technology, and the outer layer is made of sandblasting ceramic non sticky layer. The heat conduction is more uniform, the cleaning is more convenient. It can also radiate far infrared, making the cooking speed faster and healthier.

4. Original double-sided pressure cooking function, so that the operation process more humane, just gently, the food is natural and cooked.


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