He House 2 Pan Electric Buffet Server

Keep the foods fresh-out-the-oven taste for hours preparing a buffet style dinner or a potluck doesn’t end after the menu is set.

If you’re super type a and you take food preparation and entertaining your guests seriously, then you would have likely faced this difficult challenge: keeping the food hot until it’s time to eat. do not waste your hard work in cooking those dishes and give them. Justice by using Obento’s buffet server with warming tray!

Both stylish and functional, This ultimate Party sidekick can keep the main course and all the sides hot until they’re on your guests’ plate without sacrificing the freshness and altering the taste of food.

How to use the buffet server
1. Plug in the buffet server.
2. After use, remove the food from the warming pans.
3. Turn the switch off, unplug the buffet server from the outlet, and let it cool down before cleaning or storing.

Key Features:

  • Two 1L stainless warming pan warming tray
  • (150 Watts) stainless steel frame
  • Adjustable temperature dial
  • LED indicator light
  • Cool-touch handles



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In stock

He House 2 Pan Electric Buffet Server

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